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Lamictal Cost

Related post: Cherry while Prunus virginiana Miller refers to the Wild Black Cherry. In this connection it is customary to abbreviate the name of the author thus, L. for Linne, Mill, for Miller, Ait. for Aiton, Loisel. for Loiseleur-Deslongchamps, or Tourn. for Tournefort. Whenever a plant is transferred from one genus to another, it must retain its original specific name, unless the genus to which it is transferred already possesses a species with that name, in which case a new specific name must be 200 Mg Lamictal given it. Moreover, the name of the botanist who assigned the original specific name but placed it Lamictal 400 Mg under a different genus must be placed in parenthesis between the specific name and the name of the botanist who later connects it with another genus. For example, we read as the official definition for Purging Lamictal 200 Mg Cassia in the National Formulary IV "The Lamictal Tablets dried fruit of Cathartocarpus Fistula (Linne) Persoon." The significance of the name Linne in parenthesis is that he had previously given the specific name Fistula to the plant indicated but placed it under a different genus, which genus happened to be Cassia. Therefore Persoon, FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS 7 in connecting it up with another genus Carthartocarpus, avoided binomial duplication by interjecting Linne parenthetically between his name and the specific name Fistula. The names of families are designated by the name of 400 Mg Lamictal one of their principal genera or ancient generic names with the ending aceae, e.g., Ranunculaceae from Ranunculus, Malvaceae from Malva, etc. The following Cost Of Lamictal Without Insurance names, because of long usage, How Much Does Lamictal Cost are exceptions to the rule: Palmae, Lamictal 75 Mg Gramineae,Guttiferae, Umbelliferae, Labiatae, and Compositae. Orders are generally designated by the name of one of their prin- cipal families, with the ending ales, Lamictal Xr Price e.g., Rhamnales from Rhamnaceae, Resales from Rosaceae. Suborders are likewise designated, but with the ending ineae, e.g., Mahineae from Malvaceae. Other older endings may, however, be retained for these 300 Mg Lamictal names providing they do not lead Lamictal 250 Mg to confusion or error. Names of classes, subclasses, divisions and subdivisions are desig- nated from one of their characters by words of Latin or Greek origin, some similarity of form and ending being given to those that desig- nate groups of the same nature, as Monocotyledoneae, Dicotyle- doneae; Archichlamydeae, Metachlamydeae; Thallophyta, Sperma- tophyta; Gymnospermae; Angiospermae. In the case of Cryptogams the use of old family names as Algae, Fungi, Lichens, Musci, etc. is permissible for designating groups above the rank of family. THE MICROSCOPE A microscope is an optical instrument, consisting of a lens, or combination of lenses, for making an enlarged image of an object which is too minute to Lamictal 20 Mg be viewed by the naked eye. Microscopes are of two kinds, viz. : simple and compound. THE SIMPLE MICROSCOPE This consists simply of a convex lens or several combined into a system and appropriately mounted. A good example of a simple Lamictal 100 Mg microscope is a reading glass. This type of simple microscope is valuable in field work, in the examination of dried herbarium ma- terial or the external characters of crude drugs, where only a low magnification of the object is required. 8 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY But when flowers or other plant parts are to be dissected, it is Lamictal 600 Mg necessary to have both hands free. To meet this need various forms of stands have been devised which have been combined with Lamictal 300 Mg an arm and lens to constitute what are known as "Dissecting Microscopes." One of the simpler forms of these is shown in Figs. i and 2. It consists of a low wooden stand with inclined sides that furnish convenient hand rests for the operator. In the center of PlG. I. Front view of a dissecting microscope. Description in text. FIG. Price Of Lamictal 2. Rear view of same. the upper surface of the stand is a glass plate on which the object to be^dissected is placed. Beneath this a mirror is set which reflects light to the object. On either side of the mirror is a hollow cut out which permits light to strike the mirror from various angles. A lens arm fits in an aperture just behind Cost Of Lamictal the center of the glass place. The carrier on the end of the horizontal portion of this accomo- dates the magnifier. The arm can be moved up and down or from side to side in securing a focus. The rear of the block is hollowed out, providing a convenient receptacle Lamictal Cost for dissecting tools. FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS 9 THE COMPOUND MICROSCOPE A. Its Construction: The principal parts of a compound microscope are: 1. The base, generally horseshoe shaped, which rests on the table. 2. The pillar, an upright bar, which is attached to the base below and supports the rest of the instrument. 3. The stage, a horizontal shelf upon which is placed the prepara- tion or slide Lamictal 150 Mg to be examined. The stage is Lamictal Xr Cost perforated in the center for transmitting light reflected up by the mirror. On the stage are two clips for holding the glass slide.
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